Movie Review of A Haunting in Venice ‘English’: Unsatisfactory entertainment is A HAUNTING IN VENICE.

Movie Review of A Haunting in Venice ‘English’.

“A Haunting in Venice” takes us back to the year 1947 and into the retired life of the famed detective Hercule Poirot (Kenneth Branagh) in Venice. While many approach him with cases involving deceased family members and loved ones, Poirot steadfastly declines them all. However, his quiet retirement takes an unexpected turn when Ariadne Oliver (Tina Fey), an old friend and author, approaches him on Halloween.
Ariadne introduces Poirot to Joyce Reynolds (Michelle Yeoh), a woman who claims to communicate with the dead. Although Ariadne herself doubts Joyce’s abilities, her meeting with Joyce leaves her perplexed, unsure if Joyce is bluffing or genuinely possesses supernatural powers. Despite his scepticism, Poirot agrees to meet Joyce. The meeting takes place in a mysterious mansion where Joyce plans to conduct a séance to communicate with the spirit of Alicia (Rowan Robinson), a young girl who died under mysterious circumstances.
Movie Review of A Haunting in Venice 'English': Unsatisfactory entertainment is A HAUNTING IN VENICE.

Legend has it that the house is haunted by the vengeful spirits of orphans abandoned during the Plague. Poirot remains confident that ghosts do not exist neither in the mansion nor anywhere else. However, as enigmatic events unfold, he begins to question his convictions. The film unfolds as he grapples with his beliefs and uncovers startling truths.

“A Haunting in Venice” is adapted from Agatha Christie’s novel ‘Hallowe’en Party,’ although significant changes have been made to the original plot. The screenplay, penned by Michael Green, appears intriguing on paper, introducing an element of the supernatural alongside the classic murder mystery. However, this promise fails to translate captivatingly on screen, leaving much to be desired. The dialogues, while serviceable, do not leave a lasting impact.

Direction and Atmosphere

Kenneth Branagh, known for his direction and portrayal of Poirot, delivers a mixed performance in this instalment. The film commences on an entertaining note, offering a glimpse into Poirot’s retired life in Venice, which is portrayed effectively. Branagh successfully creates an eerie atmosphere that immerses viewers in the film’s mysterious ambience. However, the film’s pace begins to lag after the initial murder, descending into verbosity and a lack of excitement. Some plot developments become predictable, and suspense arrives belatedly in the narrative.


Kenneth Branagh delivers a convincing performance as Hercule Poirot, embodying the character with dedication and familiarity. Michelle Yeoh leaves a notable mark in her supporting role as Joyce Reynolds, delivering a memorable performance. Tina Fey stands out in her portrayal of Ariadne Oliver, infusing her character with charm and intrigue. Camille Cottin (Olga Seminoff) delivers a commendable performance, particularly in the latter part of the film.

A Haunting in Venice 'English'

Kyle Allen (Maxime Gerard) also shines in his role. However, Jamie Dornan (Dr Leslie Ferrier) is given limited scope to showcase his talent. Jude Hill (Leopold) impresses with his confident performance, while Vitale Portfolio (Ricardo) delivers a decent portrayal. Ali Khan (Nicholas) and Emma Laird (Desdemona) provide solid support, and Rowan Robinson’s cameo appearance is acceptable.

Technical Aspects

Hildur Guðnadóttir’s musical score effectively complements the film’s themes of thrill and mystery. Haris Zambarloukos’s cinematography engages the audience, successfully capturing the eerie atmosphere. John Paul Kelly’s production design skillfully transports viewers to the late 1940s, offering rich and authentic visuals. Sammy Sheldon’s costume design, though well-researched, fails to stand out prominently. The film’s visual effects are of top-notch quality, enhancing its overall appeal. The depiction of 1940s Rome is meticulously executed on screen. However, Lucy Donaldson’s editing could have been sharper to maintain a more engaging pace.


In summary, “A Haunting in Venice” falls short of expectations, primarily due to its unexciting narrative and pacing issues. While it introduces an intriguing blend of supernatural elements into the traditional murder mystery, the execution lacks the captivating quality required to sustain the audience’s interest throughout. The film features strong performances, particularly from Kenneth Branagh, Michelle Yeoh, and Tina Fey. It successfully establishes an eerie atmosphere and visual aesthetics. However, after an initially engaging start, the film succumbs to verbosity and predictability. The suspense, while unexpected, arrives rather late in the narrative.

Movie Review of A Haunting in Venice 'English': Unsatisfactory entertainment is A HAUNTING IN VENICE.

Overall, “A Haunting in Venice” may appeal to a limited audience of dedicated fans of the series but is unlikely to garner widespread acclaim. Its unfulfilled potential leaves it as a disappointing addition to the franchise, failing to fully capitalize on its intriguing premise. At the box office, the film is expected to find favour only with a niche segment of viewers who have a vested interest in the world of Hercule Poirot.

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